Daily Express Niall Hickman2nd February, 2012

HIS surname has sent a chill down the bones of even the bravest boxer, but Chris Eubank Jnr is determined to carve out a reputation for himself.

Eubank, who recorded a quick stoppage victory on his pro debut last November, looks like his father and their fighting styles are similar. But there are certain things he will never do like his famous parent.

Laughing, he says: "I can guarantee you will never see me wearing jodhpurs and a monocle. Never. Everything else is possible, but not those." He also took himself out of his father's shadow, by basing himself in Las Vegas for nearly four years, to learn the ropes.

Eubank jnr, who won 24 of his 26 amateur bouts, said: "I feel so lucky because the sparring and training out there is unbelievably good.

"I've gone in with Zab Judah, Montell Griffin and Chad Dawson. It was pretty tough, with no family or friends. But my dad is a big believer in that you have to learn the hard way. And you know what, he is right."

His pro debut did not tell us whether he will emulate his father, who lit up British boxing for 13 years. But it showed he has a natural talent.

My dad is a big believer in that you have to learn the hard way. And you know what, he is right.

He said: "I know I will forever be linked with my father's achievements, but I hope one day people will concentrate on what I've done. I'm very proud of what my father did, but I'm just me. I am my own person, my own boxer.Nothing you see about me is false. I hope people take me for what I am."

Eubank jnr's next fight, on February 18, will be live and exclusive on Channel 5. For the full interview, go to

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