Carl Froch is a model boxer for Nottingham designer label

This is May, 2009

IS THERE nothing that world champ boxer Carl Froch can't turn his hand to?

The WBC Super Middleweight title holder, already a successful property developer, can now add 'model' to his CV after signing up to promote Nottingham-based label ONETrueSaxon.

And if all goes to plan, he'll be adding 'clothes designer' to the list, too, because the Gedling-bred fighter hopes to work alongside creatives at ONETrueSaxon's High Pavement HQ to launch a Cobra range of apparel.

The high-end menswear brand (slogan: 'Modern manners and casual etiquette') is available at about 100 stockists nationwide - yet creative manager Nige Vallis says the Nottingham store in Malin Hill, a quiet alley behind High Pavement, is still Nottingham's best-kept secret.

"We are ambitious to grow, but we would never sell out," said Mr Vallis. "We're not fashion-based, we're clothing-based, and I think Carl likes that."

Described as a destination shop - loyal clientele travel from as far afield as Newcastle and Scotland - the Malin Hill store is an upmarket boutique where you ring the doorbell for admittance.

And while standing by old-fashioned standards of quality and service, the ONETrueSaxon look is contemporary and distinctively English - which is why the brand leapt on the opportunity to work with rising star Carl, 31. "We got in touch when his recent fight was looming and made the link-up fairly quickly," said Mr Vallis.

"We kitted Carl and his family out for the press conferences in America, and organised the patch for his shorts. He wore our clothing each evening, and the local TV really went to town on it."

Mr Vallis said the label is thrilled about the deal. They are in talks about a clothing range and would love to see Carl modelling.

Mr Vallis added: "Carl is an old-fashioned fighter and he's a gentleman. He's a great ambassador for boxing, Nottingham, and ONETrueSaxon."

Carl, how did this link with ONETrueSaxon come about?

"I've got a promoter and agent and he established a connection. It's a Nottingham-based company and I'm from Nottingham and it went from there."

Were you familiar with the brand already?

"I was, yeah: a lot of Forest fans - the A Block lads and those in the main stand - wear a lot of the ONETrueSaxon attire, so I had seen it. I also had a ONETrueSaxon T-shirt bought for me three or four years ago. It's proper man's gear; I like the name, too - it's got a bit of warrior within."

How does it complement your sense of style?

"A lot of it's quite close-fitting, so if you're in good shape - not giving myself a big head, but I do a lot of training - it complements the way you look. I like the way the stuff fits."

Are you interested in launching your own clothing range with ONETrueSaxon?

"Definitely. We've talked about doing a Cobra brand. That would be pretty exciting."

Now you're on the cusp of international celebrity, do you feel more pressure to look good?

"I don't feel any pressure - I'll happily walk around in the gear I do my painting and decorating in, but it's obviously nice if you're going out somewhere special to look the part. I take a little trip to ONETrueSaxon to make myself look blinged up."