Macklin expects Barker match-up

Setanta Sports Andy Marshall21st May, 2009

Matt Macklin expects to be meeting 'Dazzling' Darren Barker before the year is out in an all-British middleweight encounter.

Barker tackles Darren McDermott at the weekend and Macklin is convinced the Barnet boxer will triumph to set up a date for September or October.

Brummie Macklin is still unsure who he will be facing on the Amir Khan undercard on June 27 but is already looking ahead to a Commonwealth title bout.

"I'm already in training for my own fight and the defence on the Khan undercard," he told Steve Bunce's Boxing Hour.

"I'm in great shape already. I'm not sure who I'm fighting yet - it could be Matthew Thirwell or George Hillyard but I know as much as you really.

"Within the trade, [Barker] is a big, big fight. He's undefeated, I've lost a couple but bounced back.

"It will be a great fight down the line and hopefully sooner rather than later. It will suit me better as he needs a bit more time.

"As for McDermott, I don't see him winning at the weekend, to be honest. I think he's a big underdog and Barker will be too good for him."

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