Boxing Action29th May, 2009

The re-emergence of Junior Witter (UK) on the World title scene means that if Amir Khan beats WBA super-welterweight champion Andrea Kotelnik (Ukraine) and is crowned a World champion, and Junior Witter defeats Devon Alexander (USA), it would appear that a ready made UK home bonanza would be on offer - or would it?

It most unfortunate that after a long lay-off Junior Witter is plunged into a World title challenge, however, this is solely the fault of Junior,

Junior is probably one of the most naturally talented boxers on the present boxing scene but is as reliable as the English weather. When fans pay to see Junior in action in the ring they never know which Junior Witter will appear.

The best of Junior is exhilarating; the turn-off Junior is a remedy for any one suffering from insomnia.

There is no doubt he will be in tip-top physical condition because his preparation will be master-minded by the Ingle Family Team with the ace Coach Brendan, the father, supervising.

On June 11th in Florida, USA, on a Don King promotion will it be the delight to watch highly talented Junior that scores with punches his opponent never sees and is never expecting, or, will it be the lacklustre fiddler on the ring canvas that is both enormously frustrating and boring to watch?

Junior Witter on his best from is best avoided by all super-welterweights in the World and that includes Amir Khan.

With some justification Junior believes Amir Khan poses no threat but sensibly is focusing on his clash with Devon Alexander.

He told boxing writer Steve Bunce: "Travelling is never the best of things, but I travel well. It puts extra pressure on me as I've got to win and win well when I go abroad."

Khan is due to fight Kotelnik for the WBA junior-welterweight belt on June 27 and Witter is not distracted by thoughts of a clash with the Bolton man.

"Amir Khan realistically is not on my radar. If he wins the world title he comes on my radar.

"It is a fight that can be made if he wins. I'll be up for it as I'll look to knock him out inside three rounds,

"It's a weird old world boxing," added Witter. "I look at things and say what happens, happens.

This also appears to apply to the world of politicians.