Carl Froch: New champion Mikkel Kessler is only borrowing the belt

This is Nottingham24th June, 2010

IT'S been a hectic couple of months with fights, training, promotional commitments and the impending birth of my first child to prepare for.

First, I just want to congratulate Nottingham Forest for doing so well last season. Sure we came close and missed the chance to go up into the Premiership this time, but the sleeping giant seems to be well on its way to waking up.

I'm already looking forward to our next season where we'll hopefully do the business and get up into the top-flight were we definitely belong.

The Forest faithful have all been on top form and it was great to see a few of the City Ground regulars making their way over to Herning for my fight with Mikkel Kessler.

Those who didn't make it over probably witnessed the warfare unfold on the Primetime channel.

After speaking to many of you, I fully appreciate it was originally planned for Copenhagen, then was switched to an unknown part of the country.

Add in the last-minute date change and to top it all off, a volcanic ash cloud, and suddenly it became a big ask amid difficult financial times.

While I downplayed the obstacles to the media ahead of the fight, the situation did occupy far more of my mind than it should have done.

I usually dedicate my entire concentration to the task at hand. But with less than a week to go, there were rumours flying around of the ash cloud preventing key people from Showtime being able to get over to produce the event.

Finally a rickety plane took me over - that was the cherry!

That aside, the fight delivered action in spades for all the fans.

All the boxing press had this fight down as the one to watch and it was great to be part of it.

While Kessler got the decision, without sounding like a cliche, it really was one of those fights where nobody was a loser.

The Danish crowd were cheering their man loudly and it was a real cauldron in there, which I relished. We rained hard shots in on each other for 12 explosive rounds.

I had him reeling and hurt a few times in there and his swollen and damaged face at the end told its own story.

Naturally, I was disappointed that I lost, but I will spare you the boring "I will learn from this" or "I'm going back to the drawing board" comments.

As reigning champion, I felt I did enough to hold on to my title, but it goes with the territory of fighting away.

Sure it was a tough night at the office, but one which I showed who was boss.

That huge crowd can shade many close rounds in their man's favour, which I wholly appreciate, and on that occasion served Kessler well at a point his career which really was a 'make or break' time for him.

Mikkel Kessler is a proud and popular fighter who was prepared to go out on his shield that night which, under better circumstances, I would have capitalised on.

But mark my words, next time I would not leave it to the judges in a re-match.

A fight between us in the future would certainly sell out quickly and is one hopefully we can do later in the SuperSix.

Congratulations Mikkel - but you're only borrowing that belt!

The only real sore point was the scoring. The judges, with just a couple of points' gap between the fighters, can be understood in an evenly-contested fight.

But a judge called Tilleman gave me just a single round out of the first ten. How could he turn in a scorecard like that?

In the immediate press conference, another sneaky move was pulled by the German promoters.

After agreeing that we would go to Denmark to face Kessler and for them to send their other fighter in the SuperSix tournament, Arthur Abraham, to England by return . . . they then backed out of it.

They suddenly announced that it was simply a verbal agreement and that they would press for it to be in Germany. My trip to Denmark was a verbal agreement. But, being honourable, we stuck to it.

The thought of a trio of Tillemans sitting at ringside, while Abraham tucks up behind a tight guard for 12 rounds flashed before my team's eyes when Saulerland dropped this on us at the post-fight conference.

Naturally, there have been reports that have said I've thrown my toys out of the pram and have rejected venues from Timbuktoo to a bull ring in Majorca.

The truth is, I've calmly said to forget it being a Saulerland-only show in Germany - or any of their other promotional hotspots east of the UK.

At the end of the day, they have pulled a sly move and are now trying to portray me as a sore loser, when in reality, I'm an honourable fighter who has already delivered on my side of the bargain.

The biggest shame is that Saulerland has screwed the British fight fans out of witnessing this blockbuster fight on British soil.

The Kessler fight was a tremendous one, but they are souring the occasion and portraying me as a fighter not prepared to travel any more in a bid to 'shame me to Germany' - and anyone who knows me knows that I'm completely fearless of fighting anyone, anywhere.

By the same token, those same people will tell you that I've no time for dishonourable people either. When I shake on something, it's set in stone.

Anyway, it's time to finish decorating the babies' room!