Haye will smash Wlad to bits

The Sun Online Gavin Glicksman1st July, 2009

CARL FROCH has told David Haye not to give up his pursuit of Wladimir Klitschko.

The Hayemaker's hopes of facing WBO, IBO and IBF heavyweight king Klitschko have faded dramatically since a back injury forced him to pull the plug on their June 20 showdown.

But Froch, 31, is confident his fellow Brit will get another crack at the Ukrainian sooner or later.

The WBC super-middleweight champ said: "I think Haye will walk through Wladimir, smash him to bits and knock him out - especially based on his last fight.

"I know he was quite dominant on the outside against Ruslan Chagaev, but Wladimir's like a chicken.

"He's scared of his own shadow, runs around the ring, ponces about and is just boring.

"If you watch him on TV you want to switch him off after four rounds.

"He's not a fighter who's got any sort of balls at all. Wladimir's got no bottle, whereas Haye's ferocious.

"Haye comes forward, looks his opponents in the eye and tries to decapitate them with every single punch.

"I just think he'll catch Wladimir and do a job on him, I really do."

Haye is determined to beat both Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko on his way to ruling the heavyweight division.

And while Froch believes Vitali would provide his friend with a much stiffer test, he is confident the Londoner can claim the 37-year-old's WBC crown.

The Cobra added: "You've got to remember that Vitali was at his best when he fought Lennox Lewis [in June 2003].

"He's a great fighter and is much bigger and stronger than his brother. He's definitely more of a threat and a much better boxer.

"Vitali would give Haye more trouble but you have to wonder what he's got left.

"The Lewis fight was years ago and boxing is all about timing.

"I think the time is right for Haye to do a number on Wladimir and then do the double-header on his brother.

"Vitali's definitely a tougher, harder fight.

"But with the confidence he'd get from beating Wladimir, I could see Haye beating Vitali too - and what a great fight that would be."

Froch, who expects to return to the ring no later than mid-October, has also dismissed suggestions that Haye cancelled his fight with Wladimir due to the demise of Setanta.

Many critics believe the former undisputed cruiserweight champion used his back injury as a smokescreen due to the uncertainty surrounding the TV firm's future.

But Froch insists Haye would not have walked away from a fight - even if his payday was at risk.

The Nottingham ace revealed: "I spoke to Haye about four weeks ago and he was in serious pain.

"He was really, really annoyed he had to cancel the fight because of the injury but sometimes it happens.

"It wasn't down to Setanta going bust - it was because he had a back injury."

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