FROCH: I'm backing Khan all the way

The Sun Online Gavin Glicksman2nd July, 2009

Khan steps up to light-welterweight for the first time when he faces Kotelnik at Manchester's MEN Arena on July 18.

And Froch is confident the 22-year-old Bolton ace can join him as a world champion.

The WBC super-middleweight king said: "I've not seen too much of Kotelnik but I know he's not a massive banger.

"He's not a big, big puncher so that gives Khan a much better chance.

"Khan's a good fighter. He's got very fast hands, he's well schooled and he's got the right trainer now in Freddie Roach.

"He's a focused young man and has got plenty of ability.

"So far he's proven he can fight at a certain level but now he's got to prove he can do it at world level.

"If Khan can keep himself out of harm's way and display his usual workrate, he should nick a points decision.

"I can't see him stopping Kotelnik - and there's always that question mark over his chin - but I think he'll pull it off.

"He's got the tools so good luck to him. He's a nice lad and he's dedicated and committed to the sport.

"As a fighter I've got a lot of respect for what he's trying to achieve."

If Khan defeats Kotelnik, rumours of a Battle of Britain with Ricky Hatton will gather pace once again.

But Froch doubts the fight will ever materialise - even if Hatton decides to box on following his crushing defeat to Manny Pacquiao.

The Cobra added: "Hatton's talking about having one last hurrah and I can't see that being against Khan.

"But if he does decide to box on and does well in his next fight, who knows?

"Hatton's young enough to carry on for a few years if he wants to and a fight with Khan might be what the British fans demand.

"If it makes financial sense I think they'll get it on, but realistically I can't see it happening.

"If they did fight, I think Hatton would be too tough and too strong for Khan.

"Hatton's a rough, tough seasoned professional while Khan's still got a lot to learn.

"Let's see if Khan gets through Kotelnik first and then we can talk about him facing Hatton."

Regardless of whether he ends up squaring off against Khan, Froch insists it will be a shame if Hatton does not return to the ring.

But he only wants to see the Hitman back in action if he can put in the kind of performance he built his reputation on.

Froch, 31, said: "I hope Hatton has one last fight and then turns it in because he's achieved so much in the sport.

"I've got so much respect for him and I'd hate him to see him get hurt.

"He got hurt against Pacquiao but it could have been a lot worse.

"It's ridiculous that he says he's embarrassed by that fight because that's always going to be the result if Pacquiao catches someone flush on the chin.

"Hatton is a very proud warrior and always means business. He's fought some of the best the sport has to offer and should not feel like he's failed."

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