Billy Graham Speaks Out on John Murray's Behalf

Boxing Scene Terry Dooley8th July, 2009

John Murray's all-action style has won him plenty of fans in recent years. Billy Graham, who took Ricky Hatton to the top, is chief amongst them. The retired trainer has come out in defence of Murray, 24, who is set to appear before the BBBoC tomorrow (Wednesday) over his failure to make the weight for his British lightweight title defence against Scott Lawton last month.

The fight went ahead, with Murray winning in the sixth, but Murray's 8-kilo miscalculation cost him the British title; Graham stressed that this should be punishment enough for the young fighter.

"I hope the board take it easy with John," said Graham to "I know how professional his nutritionalist Kerry Kayes is, Kerry is an expert at getting a fighter to come in on the weight, there is no way they will have had problems bringing him down in weight. John made a mistake, and has admitted that, he shouldn't be penalised any more than he has been already, as he has already lost the British title."

Graham believes that the title loss will hit hard enough, stressing that Murray's career would be harmed by a British title embargo, it would delay a proposed Jon Thaxton fight, and stunt Murray's development.

"Everybody can make a mistake," explained Graham. "Boxers have a hard enough time as it is without getting penalised, he was only a fraction out, and he won't do it again."