Froch aims for Kessler bout

Sky Sports Adam Scott8th July, 2009

Froch aims for Kessler bout

September could bring one of the fights of the year for British star

Carl Froch has revealed that he wants his return to the ring to be a unification fight with Mikkel Kessler.

After retaining his WBC super-middleweight crown in April after defeating Jermain Taylor, Froch is now looking to face Kessler and prove that he is the best boxer in the division.

And with Kessler holding the WBA belt and having gone toe-to-toe with Joe Calzaghe, Froch feels he has a point to prove.

"I keep hearing about Kessler so he's in my veins now, I want to go out there and decapitate him," he told The Sun.

"I want to knock him out in style and then see what people have to say for themselves about me."

The proposed fight is some way off yet but there is a chance it could happen before the end of the year.

"It's looking like late September or maybe early to mid-October. That'll be six months from when I fought Taylor but you know what it's like with politics in boxing," he added.


Froch also feels that Kessler deserves to be ahead of him in the rankings, despite believing that he is the better boxer.

"Kessler's had more fights than me so he deserves to be ranked higher, he said.

"I'm honest enough to admit that but I'm a proud warrior and I want to take him on and take his scalp.

"His only loss was against Joe Calzaghe so you can justify his ranking, but I'll beat him, that's for sure!"