Carl Froch Vows Never To Quit Nottingham or Britain

Boxing Scene Terry Dooley8th July, 2009

Carl Froch, 32, has moved to dampen down the claims that he will be moving abroad in order to escape from the prohibitive UK tax rates. Froch told thisisnottinghamonline that he was 'misquoted' during an interview, claiming that he had merely expressed a desire to live abroad once he hangs up his gloves. Froch, like many Brits, wishes to move somewhere warmer when he retires, he will not become an ex-pat for tax reasons.

"I was misquoted. I get misquoted on pieces all the time," said Froch. "What I did say was that I would consider moving to somewhere warmer when my boxing career was over. There is a big difference. I would never quit Nottingham or Britain, I have a great fan base here and the fans are important to me."

"It takes me about an hour and a half to do my shopping these days," he confessed. "People love to get involved and have their moment with the Cobra. It's great to give something back to the fans. Autographs and pictures with camera phones are usually at the top of the agenda."

Froch is hoping to return to the ring in October, in front of his adoring hometown fans, the popular super-middleweight kingpin wants a meaningful fight, dismissing a chance to box at catchweight against Bernard Hopkins. Froch, who waited a long time for his WBC title shot, is proud of his belt, and wants to notch up another defence. However, there is one name that really floats his boat, former WBA and WBC claimant Mikkel Kessler.

"I keep hearing about Kessler so he's in my veins now, I want to go out there and decapitate him. I want to knock him out in style and then see what people have to say for themselves about me," Froch told The Sun.

A fight with Kessler would be a blockbuster; Mikkel won many UK fans, and friends, when fighting Joe Calzaghe in Wales for the undisputed title. It is Kessler, more than anybody else, who is drawing the sting of The Cobra.

"Kessler's had more fights than me so he deserves to be ranked higher," admitted Froch. "I'm honest enough to admit that but I'm a proud warrior and I want to take him on and take his scalp. His only loss was against Joe Calzaghe so you can justify his ranking, but I'll beat him, that's for sure!"