Froch deserves backing on home soil

This is July, 2009

"Since day one, Carl's always been a TV fighter. He's never fought on a non-TV show. Obviously we're dealing with the current (financial) climate but they need to take it to another level.

"Carl Froch has surpassed British, Commonwealth, European, even world title level, he's surpassed that now.

"He's now a marquee fighter and the broadcasters need to back a marquee fighter up. That's taking it to another level and they've got to take it to another level because they've got something to be very proud of in the UK, they really have."

Hennessy insists the Super Six tournament has everything going for it to attract television networks and that Froch deserves their and British sports fans' backing. "This series can do it because it gives the broadcasters everything they've ever wanted," he continued. "It gives them the big fights that (usually) get swerved, that everyone avoids making, and on a regular basis.

"It gives them a great schedule in advance and it doesn't matter whether they win, lose or draw, they're fighting each other and you just know they're all going to be great fights.

"This tournament is a broadcaster's dream, it really is something sensational.

"The UK normally gets behind their top athletes and Carl Froch is that. For me, a fighter like him only comes along once every 20 years.

"We've got him here right now, representing the UK, so let's all get behind him.

"We've never hidden the fact that we want to fight the very best, not swerve anyone. This is Carl putting it all on the line, this is ideal for us."