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10 Questions with Tyson

25th February 2015

Article courtesy of Boxnation.com Gylnn Evans

REIGNING BRITISH, COMMONWEALTH AND EUROPEAN champion Tyson Fury was in pensive form when Glynn Evans put him through the grill last weekend.

Tell us about your first fight (in-or-out of the ring)?

That’d be my first amateur fight when I was 16. It took place at RAF Wyton, somewhere in the Midlands (Cambridgeshire), and my opponent was called Duncan Lee.

At the time there were only three junior super-heavyweights active in England and Duncan had already beat the other fella. When I stopped Duncan in round three, I instantly became the best junior super-heavyweight in the country after just one fight!

I wasn’t remotely nervous. I was a natural who enjoyed every minute of it.

Who were your boxing idols as a youngster?

Though we always watched loads of boxing tapes and there were plenty of fighters I admired, I didn’t have idols as such. My only idols are Jesus Christ and me Dad.

My Dad (Gypsy John Fury) was a decent pro heavyweight and was regarded as ‘The King of the Gypsies’ (the best bare knuckle fighter among the travelling community) for a long time, so put him down.

Growing up I knew nothing other than boxing gyms and fighting.

If you could attend any other sporting event in the world what would it be?

One I wish I could’ve attended from the past was Ali v Foreman, ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ in Zaire. That was the greatest heavyweight fight in history.

The old champion came back out of retirement to finally win his title back. He completely outsmarted this supposedly invincible ogre and showed that boxing isn’t just about brawn, it’s about brains.

If you could liken your style to any active fighter who would you chose?

There’s nobody remotely close to my style. Think about it. I’m a 6ft 9in switch-hitting counter puncher, who can box, punch or brawl. Others may have my size but they certainly don’t have my attributes. I’m unique; one of a kind.

What attribute do you most fear in an opponent; speed, power, skill, toughness?

None of those bother me. I take all opponents as they come. As the old timers say, ‘you don’t box with a boxer, brawl with a brawler, wrestle with a wrestler, punch with a puncher…’ you do the opposite and nullify their strengths. I’m blessed with all the tools to overcome any style.

Would you prefer more respect, money or sex?

I’ve already got plenty of money because I’m the number one contender to the world heavyweight title. As a married man, I can pretty much get as much sex as I want and as a 6ft 9in fighting man you’d better give me respect because, if you don’t, I’m likely to punch you in the face and knock you spark out!

What I would prefer is a better relationship with God. That’s where the ultimate glory lies. I’m a deep thinker, a big believer in heaven and Jesus Christ. All the gold and silver in the world won’t protect you, come your day of judgement. The Lord will judge you only on your good deeds.

We’re tested every day and, above all, I wish I could walk a perfect life with Jesus Christ rather than try but continually fail.

Who or what are you frightened of?

I’m not frightened of any man alive or of ghosts. But I scream my head off if ever I see a wild rat, a spider or a snake. If they got too close I’d probably have a heart attack.

What makes you lose your temper?

Everything and anything. One thing that doesn’t is boxing opponents who goad me. I know that’s just a part of the game to sell tickets. Boxing’s just sport.

What I really dislike is any kind of betrayal against family or friends, whenever people hurt the people they are supposed to love.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To be able to create world peace; to stop all this pointless killing of one another for nothing.

If you were going into battle and can pick three men to take with you, who do you pick?

Me Dad and any other two male adult Furys. There’s plenty of brothers and uncles to choose from who’d be more than up to the job. Fighting is in our genes. You can only rely on your family. I know they’d die for me.

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