Another Skilled Display From Young Francesca Hennessy

6th February 2024

In her third professional bout, the confident 19-year-old from Kent had a smooth evening against Argentina’s Laura Belen Valdebenito in their six-round contest

Valdebenito, who went the distance with the highly regarded Chloe Watson, struggled to close in on the agile Hennessy – who delivered the cleanest punch of the opening round with a sharp left-hand lead.

In the second round, Valdebenito walked on to more counters as Hennessy adeptly evaded most of the attacks by stepping out of range, and strategically holding her ground to return fire with well-timed right hands.

Hennessy introduced her jab in the third round, leading to more consistent success. Frustration became evident in Valdebenito’s performance during the fourth round, prompting Hennessy to momentarily stand her ground and employ her right hand instead of retreating. In the fifth round, Hennessy successfully walked Valdebenito into a couple of right hands as well as hurting her with a well-place counter left-hook.

Hennessy continued to press the action in the sixth but the durable Argentinean held out. The talented 19 year old was awarded a 60-53 decision to maintain her undefeated record.

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