Eubank Jr. tells Blackwell to watch out for the uppercut and a whole lot more

22nd March 2016

Chris Eubank Jr. has warned reigning British middleweight champion Nick ‘Bang Bang’ Blackwell to look out for the uppercut when the pair clash at The SSE Arena, Wembley on March 26, live on Channel 5.

The Brighton-born challenger, a former WBA interim world middleweight champion, is known for his explosive and damaging uppercut – used to defeat many previous foes – and he’s earmarked that particular shot as one which could come in handy on Saturday night.

“Blackwell has a weak defence,” he said. “He’s open a lot of the time and I feel like I can definitely capitalise on this lack of defence.

“I’ve watched his last few fights. Nothing I’ve seen impresses me or worries me. His style and attributes are nothing special. He’s a British-level fighter and I’m world-level. The public will see the difference once we step into the ring.

“I watched his fight with Max Bursak and noticed he was getting caught with a lot of uppercuts. Obviously, I’m not Max Bursak. I’m a level above him. If he’s catching Blackwell with uppercuts, I know what’s going to happen when he gets caught with mine.

“I’m sure he thinks he’s going to prepare for all that – to avoid my uppercuts – and he probably thinks that’s all I’m going to be relying on, which is good. The uppercuts are on his mind. I know that. He’s already said I’ll go in there thinking I’m just going to take him out with uppercuts. But I’m a fighter who always does the unexpected. Everybody will see what I’ve got up my sleeve for this guy.”

Eubank Jr. promises he’ll have plenty of other weapons to use on the night, weapons he’ll use to show Blackwell isn’t the immovable force many have made him out to be.

“Blackwell couldn’t be further from an immovable force,” said Eubank Jr. “He might stand in front of you, but he can be moved. I’m the same. I can also move. I actually enjoy situations in fights where I have to box going backwards. That’s a skill in itself. Not a lot of fighters are able to do that. I can. I can fight going forward and I can fight going backwards.

“I mix things up and do the unexpected. People like to think I’ll go in there and go toe-to-toe – I can if I want – but I also have other options I can use to take this guy out. It’s going to be exciting.”

*** Tickets for the British middleweight title blockbuster between Nick ‘Bang Bang’ Blackwell and Chris Eubank Jr. are priced at £35, £50, £75, £175, £200 and £250 for ringside and can be purchased online at and or by phoning the SSE Arena, Wembley Box Office on 0844 815 0815 ***

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