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Fury would quit boxing if knocked out

26th February 2015

Article courtesy of Boxnation.com Steve Lillis

THE MANCHESTER TRAVELLER, 26, is mandatory contender for the WBO slice of Wladimir Klitschko’s world heavyweight title and guaranteed a crack later this year.

Fury must maintain his 100% record. He risks his dream fight when he meets Hamburg-based Christian Hammer at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night, which is live on BoxNation.

But the British, European and WBO International champ Fury is spurred on by the fear of losing.

Fury, who has won all 23 professional fights, said, “once you get done over there is no point in carrying on, is there?

“Boxers bounce back after a defeat, but are they the same? Are they really that good?

“When you think you’re unbeatable like I do now and get splattered all over the ring, you are not the man you were. You’re a beaten shell of yourself.

“If you get flattened you’re not as good as you thought you were, but if you lose a disputed decision or something goes wrong and you get disqualified, there isn’t much you can do about that.

“I am not in that position to know whether I would walk away if I got knocked out, but I would think about it.

“It isn’t just me I have to think about. I have got a wife and kids. Do I really need to be taking punishment where I could end up in a wheelchair?

“All the money and titles wouldn’t mean anything because I am sat there drooling from the mouth.”

If Fury manages to become world champion he would be a man in a hurry.

Ukrainian Klitschko dominates the division. He has held a version of the world title since April 2006.

There are accusations he has been careful with several opponent picks, but Fury would be a man in a hurry if he becomes champion.

He explained, “Klitschko can fight whoever he wants and earn tons of money. He could drag someone off the streets of Bolton and earn millions.

“If you are doing that why take a risky fight for a few more quid when you can take three easy fights and make more money than the dangerous one?

“I am not interested in all that, which is why I want unifications when I become world champion.

“I don’t want to be boxing for the next 30 years. I want to make what I can, while I can, as fast as I can and get out to enjoy what I have left.

“I might only live until I am 40. You never can tell. I want to enjoy the few years I might have left instead of taking punches in the face.”

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