Fury: “This will be one of my easiest fights.”

24th November 2015

Number one heavyweight contender Tyson Fury claims his upcoming world heavyweight title clash with Wladimir Klitschko will be “one of the easiest” fights of his his seven-year professional career.

Fury and Klitschko came face-to-face this afternoon (November 24) in Dusseldorf ahead of their clash this Saturday night (November 28) at the ESPRIT arena and Fury, unbeaten in 24 professional fights, was in typically bullish mood.

“I think this is going to be one of my easiest fights,” he said. “That might sound crazy because he’s been a world champion for eleven years, but I see so many chinks in his armour and I’m going to expose them very quickly. There’s nothing I’ve seen Wladimir do that makes me afraid or makes me think that I can’t win.

“Even if I wasn’t fighting Wladimir and I could pick any other champion to fight, I’d pick him. I can expose everything he doesn’t do very well. We’ll see on Saturday night what I’m talking about.”

Klitschko, who withdrew from their scheduled meeting in October with a calf injury, also declared himself ready.

“It’s not the first time a fight had to be postponed,” he said. “I had a short break but now I’m back on top and ready to fight.

“I have faced many fighters that were different. This time, I have a colourful guy who’s young and wants the challenge.

“I heard him say he’s nervous, which means he’s well-prepared and alert. I’m nervous before every fight and I always face so many challenges. I’m happy that this fight will take place.”

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