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Savannah Marshall Becomes Undisputed Champion

2nd July 2023

Savannah Marshall achieved her life-long dream of becoming the Undisputed Champion of the world as she defeated the valiant champion, Franchon Crews-Dezurn, for all four of her Super Middleweight Titles. 

The fight began as a competitive, rough affair with the American initiating close-quarter exchanges in an attempt to draw the Brit into a brawl. But by the middle portion of the fight, Marshall would not only match the champion on the inside, but also remind the audience of the difference in class by landing the crisper, harder shots at mid and long range.

“Sweet dreams” Marshall told Skysports, after being awarded the majority winner over the course of 10 hard-fought rounds

“I think I broke my hand on her head. A tough, tough woman. Some of the rounds were close but I felt like I landed the cleaner work”.

The Briton now holds the WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF and the coveted Ring Magazine belt at Super Middleweight. She now hopes to entice her long-term rival, Claressa Shield, to move up a division to stage a rematch in the next chapter of their well-documented rivalry.

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